Friday, March 27, 2015

Yabby You Vibration Tribute - Vivian Jackson Productions

Yabby You Vibration Tribute - Vivian Jackson Productions 1972-85. This one's been in the making for over 4 years, since the great singer and percussionist's passing in 2010. I got slightly carried away as there are about 180 track snippets here. Jackson's songs stand out in the roots genre for the level of humility and biblical imagery. He also comes across as very sincere and, like all the great songwriters, many of his songs were evidently penned in response to immediate personal experiences - check Blood A Go Run Down King Street for one! A long-running collaboration with King Tubby lends a harder, tuffer edge to the dubs and deejay cuts. Other mixes by Scratch, Scientist and Prince Jammy. Backing band - the Prophets All-Stars - comprised the cream of JA session musicians, man like Horsemouth, Family Man, Sly & Robbie, The Gladiators, Augustus Pablo, Chinna, Pablove Black, Ansel Collins, Skully.... Mighty horns from Viv Gordon, Bobby Ellis, Dirty Harry and Tommy McCook, who's flute playing adds vastly to the uplifting/devotional vibes. Vocal harmony from the Prophets (Jackson, Alaric Forbes & Bobby Melody). Rhythm tracks recorded at  Channel One, Harry J's, Joe Gibbs, Dynamic, King Tubby's and Black Ark.

In-house chanter Trinity adds to the righteousness throughout with some of his best work. He's joined by fellow deejays Dillinger, Clint Eastwood, U Brown, Stepping King Miguel, Tapper Zukie, Jah Stitch and Big Youth on some of the Prophet's biggest tracks. Big Youth's Lightning Flash Weakheart Drop aka Yabby Youth on the Conquering Lion is a major classic. Other big riddims include the Jah Vengeance, Black Is Our Colour, Death Trap, King Pharaoh's Plague, Pick Up The Pieces, Gang War, Every Tongue Shall Tell, Heptones Gonna Fight, Judgement On The Land, Run Come Rally, Born Free, Anti-Christ & Warn The Nation. While these are all classics, Deliver Me From My Enemies and Conquering Lion are probably the most evocative..

Yabby You produced important LPs for Michael Prophet, Tony Tuff and Wayne Wade and nuff great tunes for a host of other artists like The Melodians, Patrick Andy, Barrington Spence, Horace Andy, Cornell Campbell, Dicky Burton, Lenroy Swaby, Michael Rose, Errol Alphonso, Junior Brown and Willie Williams. Tommy McCook leads on many superb instrumentals including Love In Zimba on the Shank-I-Shek and an amazing guitar-flute-horns duel on Babylon Fall. Leroy Smart voiced several Prophets riddims though there must have later been a colossal misunderstanding (lol!) leading to Yabby You teaming up with Wayne Wade and Clint Eastwood for a major dis - Ballistic Dreadlocks

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Attack Records UK 7''Vinyl Selections - Part 4 - 1975

Attack Records UK 7''Vinyl Selections - Part 4 - 1975. The fourth of five sets of Attack singles from the 1970s, this one draws exclusively from their 1975 output, well within the label's golden era (74-75).

Productions from Lee Perry, Lloyd Campbell, Niney, Tony Robinson, A. Ranglin, Winston Riley, Earl Chinna Smith and Bunny Lee in particular. Classic riddim like Tony Robinson's Curly Locks & Strange Things (killer Big Youth tracks), Winston Riley's Mission Impossible and A. Ranglin's Fattie Bum Bum. Nuff Bunny Lee selection fall with the Cold I Up/The Ruler, Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks, No Woman No Cry, Jah Jah Bless The DreadlocksNice and Easy, Fi We Rock, and a lick of Burning Spear's Tradition. Bunny & Ricky come with the classic herbalist  Bushweed Corntrash (Lee Perry). The Agrovators 'flying cymbals' sound is highlighted on a whole heap a King Tubby versions.

Continuous mix. 79 minutes.
Links to Part1, Part 2, Part 3.

Attack Records UK 7''Vinyl Selections - Part 5 - 1975-78

 Attack Records UK 7''Vinyl Selections - Part 4 - 1975-78. The fifth and final lot of Attack singles from the 1970s. Good balance of vocal & deejay tracks with nuff dub versions.... a dis ya rootsman time.

Striker Lee releases predominate. Other productions from Keith Hudson, A. Ranglin, Glen Lee, Neville Beckford, Clive Hunt, Linval Thompson & Eric Donaldson. Features four Bunny Lee cuts of Wailers rhythms - Kaya, Time Will Tell, Easy Skanking and Nice Time with vocals by Johnny Clarke, Ronnie Davis & deejay U Brown. Other Lee riddims like the Ali Baba, Move Out of Babylon, Enter In To His Gates With Praise, Satta Massagana, I Love Marijuana, Ten To One and three Cornell Campbell classics on the Undying Love, Duke Of Earl and Queen of the Minstrel. Prince Jazzbo nice up this one alongside Augustus Pablo. Jah Stitch rides two great John Holt tracks. All the Bunny Lee sides are again backed up with tuff Agrovators/King Tubbys versions.

Pick of the other productions include Keith Hudson's Don't Think About Me (Horace Andy & Jah Woosh). Heavy roots on Sylford Walker's I Can't Understand and a pair of Lizzard tunes produced by Clive Hunt. Glen Washington's Voice of the Father from 1976, the original cut of Culture's Behold I Come, is sublime.

Continuous mix. 79 minutes.
or zippy
Links to Part1, Part 2

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Year 2 Year 12'' Discomix Collection 1980

Year 2 Year 12'' Discomix Collection 1980. Roots, dancehall and lovers selections from a whole heap a producers and artists. Dancehall is the order of the day, fueled by Junjo Lawes and the Roots Radics who take over from the Revolutionaries as the predominant backing band of the time. Vocal & dubwise, singers & deejays.

Mix bag a riddim... El Rockers (Augustus Pablo), Vanity (Techniques), Fally Ranking (Jammys), Let Me Tell You Boy (Thrillseekers), Saturday Night Jamboree, Mary Long Tongue, Look Youthman and the mighty Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall (Volcano). Legendary Roots-dancehall sides like Michael Prophet's Help Them Please (Volcano) and the Diamonds' Gates of Zion (Dubmasta).

Productions from Augustus Pablo, Winston Riley, Mickie Scott, Junjo Lawes, Company X, Junior Delgado, Ranking Joe, Al Campbell, Dubmasta, Linval Thompson and Prince Jammy. Rhythm track from The Revolutionaries, The Roots Radics, Sly & Robbie, The Gladiators, Zion Steppers, The Junior Band and The Rockers All-Stars. Engineering and dubs by Scientist, Abe Arons, Jah Shaka, Prince Jammy, Barnabas and Errol Thompson.

Continuous mix. Total 159 minutes. Repost...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Year 2 Year 12'' Discomix Collection 1981

Finally re-upping some more old mixes - back by popular demand - Year 2 Year 12'' Discomix Collection 1981. Roots-dancehall carry the swing, led by the Roots Radics at Volcano & Thompson Sound. The usual Y-2-Y format - vocal, dubwise and deejay cuts. 

Riddim like the Back Off, Who No Waan Come, Catch Dem Jah Jah, Follow Fashion and Trials & Crosses  (Linval Thompson) Another One Bites The Dust, Shank I Sheck, Gunman, Rope In and Heavenless (Junjo Lawes) and Hugh Mundell's Pop No Style (Rockers) and many more.... Engineering and dubs by Scientist, Barnabas and King Tubby. Riddims from The Roots Radics, Rockers All-Stars, Sly & Robbie and The Rebel Regulars.

Continuous mix. Total 158 minutes. Repost...

Friday, January 30, 2015

Linval Thompson Meets Scientist Mixtape: Thompson Roots-Dancehall Productions

Linval Thompson Meets Scientist Mixtape. Riddim mix focusing on Linval Thompson's mighty roots & dancehall productions. Backing tracks mainly from the Roots Radics with a few by the Revolutionaries and date from 1979 to 1983 though some fresh vocal cuts were voiced around 2000 by the likes of Yami Bolo, Junior Reid & King Kong. The amazing energy and creativity of the period is reflected in the general heaviness of the music and the predominance of original rhythms used. Only one or two 'staple riddims' feature here. Although Linval shared the same rhythm section as Junjo Lawes and some of the same riddims his sound could hardly be more different, less polished with little use of horns creating a sparser, deeper vibe.

Thompson produced several fine Scientist lps in the early 80s; Scientist In Dub Vol. 1, Meets The Space Invaders, Dub Landing 1 & 2, Encounters Pac Man... These albums provide most of the dubs here which are paired up when possible with their respective vocal & deejay versions, finally making sense of some of those mystery Scientist dubs.

Part 1 starts with some tuff rootsy material, alternating between the Radics and Revolutionaries but the dancehall vibes soon take hold! Riddim like the Babylonian, Unfaithful Children, Jumping For Jah, Life Table (features the rare alternative take of Horace Andy's Spying Glass), Live In Love, Mr Officer, A Message, Dreadlocks Nah Run, Do You Remember, Follow Fashion, Pick Up The Pieces, Can't Stop Us Now, Too Poor, Rainy Days, Terrorists In The City, Rub-A-Dub Session, Everyday Rain.and a personal favorite of mine Ketch A Fire/Poor & Humble.

 Part 2. Heavyweight dancehall business with the Roots Radics. Riddim like I'm A Dreadlocks, Things Couldn't Be The Same, We Must Unite, Don't Worry, Waan Come, Rootsman Skanking, Holding On To My Girlfriend, Ringcraft, Sensi Party, Jailhouse, Rise In The Strength Of Jah, two Freddie Mcgreggor classics Short Man & Peaceful Man, Eek-a-Mouse's mournful Struggle and the sound system killing Curfew. Money Problem is a Revolutionaries rhythm track with cuts by Wayne Jarrett & Ranking Trevor/Superstar.

Continuous mix. Total 3hrs 10. 120+ tracks.
-download part 2-

Special request to Style Scott who was murdered October 2014. The Roots Radics, Creation Rebel & Dub Syndicate sticks man helped revolutionize reggae music with the Radics' stripped-down dancehall rhythm patterns and continuing to push the boundaries with On-U Sound. His drumming is consistently a key element in the Thompson sound here. Seriously one of the greats... RIP.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Roots N Culture Mix 2014

We revisit Royal Order's killer relick of the Channel One dancehall classic Worries in The Dance, renamed War Is In The Dance, with cuts by Pressure, Bobby Hustle, Gappy Ranks and the amazing Stand For Something by Keida as well as the original Frankie P scorcher (Hitbound). Lustre Kings come with  the dubstep-roots flavoured Junction riddim. Equally rootsy is the Jah Warriah (Zion High) with conscious vocals from Jahdan & Pressure, Batch, Niyorah, Jah Mali and one by Lloyd Brown from last year's excellent Rootical album. Keyboards interplay nicely with live horns on the Reggae Root (Kheil Stone). Kabaka Pyramid & Chronixx team up with the Ghetto Blues. Duane Stephenson gets in the groove on Bunny Wailer/Roots Radics' Cool Runnings (Kongstar).

There were a few interesting roots lps in 2014. Included here are two songs by Netherlands-based singer Rass Motivated who released his impressive debut album Who Am I. Hear it on Soundcloud. Norris Man collaborates with the Hot This Year Band on Real, his 2nd album for Partillo & Lancealot for a great live sound throughout. Two tracks are featured, including an irie collaboration with veteran deejay U-Brown. Hear the full album on Soundcloud here. Panama rootsman Likle Mystic released an excellent 2nd set with producer Ziggy Blacks this year, the Island In The Sun EP. Jah Cure's upcoming Rasta lp should be good judging by the single Rasta Is Passing Through. Pressure Busspipe was back at his best this year with a chain of ruff tunes & two good albums, including the musically diverse Africa Redemption (Yard Vybz). Jahdan Blakkamore also came strong. Another contender is Addis Pablo's In My Father's House, sister  to Chezidek's Order Of Melchezidek on Jahsolidrock. Penthouse artist RC (Righteous Child) and young blood Yung J.R. broke thu...

Continuous mix. 79 minutes.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Year 2 Year 12'' Discomix Collection - Winter 1981-82

Continuing re-upping the series. Year 2 Year 12'' Discomix Collection - Winter 1981-82. The mighty Roots Radics rule the dancehall into '82... Vocal and dubwise, singers & deejays. Rhythm track like Holding Onto My Girlfriend and Rise In The Strength Of Jah, from from Linval Thompson. Hey Mr. Babylon, Ba Ba Boom, Cuss Cuss, Diamonds & Pearls and the mighty Mad Mad (including Diseases & Boneman Connection), from Junjo Lawes. Also on Vocano is Barringtom Levy's brilliant Tomorrow Is Another Day. Both hits for Junjo by the 10 year old deejay wonder Billy Boyo are also here including the inspiring One Spliff A Day. Al Campbell's lovers rock hit Got To Love You is self-produced. Riddims exclusively by The Roots Radics, engineering and dubs by Scientist and Barnabas. 

Continuous mix. 78 minutes. Repost...

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Year 2 Year 12'' Discomix Collection 1982

I'm slowly getting round to re-upping these year-to-year mixes one by one. Year 2 Year 12'' Discomix Collection 1982. '82 is pure dancehall business. Vocal and dubwise. This year new producers come through, man like Toyan and Ranking Dread. Little John and Triston Palmer represent a new generation of singers.

Riddim like Rootsman Skanking, Big Ship & Do You Remember (prod. Linval Thompson), Shut Up (Ranking Dread), Heptones Gonna Fight & Answer (Clive Jarrett), Boom Him Up Now, Cuss Cuss, Just Talking, Fat She Fat, Heavenless & Real Rock, (Volcano), I Will Never leave My Love, Bushman Connection, Janet Sinclair & Itie Titie Girl (Toyan), Joker Smoker & Joker Lover (Jah Thomas), Dancehall Stylee (Al Campbell),  Taxi & Full Up (Lloyd Campbell).
Rhythm tracks from The Roots Radics, Family Man, The Taxi Gang, Reggae Regular, Hi-Times, The Rhythm Roulettes, The Congos and I-nity Rockers. Engineering and dubs by Scientist, Mad Professor, Errol Thompson, Ranking Dread and Soldgie.

Continuous mix. Total 159 minutes.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Reggae Tape 2 - 1985

Reggae Tape 2. Second of two C90 mixes I originally did back in 1985. They were great for hijacking stereos at sessions! Roots and dancehall tunes mostly from around 1983-85, some a little earlier. vocal, deejay & dub, JA-UK selections.

Includes my favorite current artists of the time like Misty In Roots, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear, Black Roots, Mighty Diamonds, Johnny Osbourne, Pablo Gad (I wore my 1st copy of the Bloodsuckers Showcase LP out!), Sugar Minott, Dennis Brown, Eek A Mouse, Ranking Joe, Lee Perry, Barrington Levy, Half Pint, Culture..... also the Saxon UK fast chat style from Papa Levi & Tippa Irie. We saw Tippa live this summer and bwoy, the man can toast fast still!! All the time the lyric a rhyme.... Riddim like the Water Pumping & Get A Lick (Prince Jammy), African Beat (Time 1), Heavenless (Black Roots), Gunman (Level Vibes), My Conversation & Real Rock (UK Bubblers), Hot Milk (Jah Screw/Ranking Joe), You Gonna Lose (Power House), Terrorists In The City (Thompson Sound), Bloodsuckers (FORM), Morgan The Pirate (Tappa Zukie), Roots & Culture (DATC).

Continuous mix. 90 minutes.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Reggae Tape - 1985

Reggae Tape. 1st of a pair of C90 mixes I made originally in 1985 from my record collection (& a good few I'd borrowed from mi idren dem). Mainly recent tunes from around 1983-85, a few earlier. Roots-dancehall & dancehall selections, JA & UK. 84-85 probably marked the end of the Bob Marley-Roots era when many roots stars enjoyed a last spell in the spotlight - alongside dancehall artists & producers - before digital dancehall emerged to shake up the whole scene. Rerecorded both mixes as the tape sound quality had decayed with time and use. I've tightened them up a bit and thrown down a couple of extra dub versions, otherwise leaving them as they were.

Riddim like the Unmetered Taxi, World A Music/World Jam & Fit You Haffi Fit (Taxi), Jogging (Tuff Gong), Don't Mess With Jill (Radic), To The Foundation & Let Off Sup'm (Music Works), Nice Time (Lion of Judah), In The Future & Junk Food (Alligator), Play Girl (Jahmani), Johnny B Goode (Word Sound & Power), One Draw (Shanachie), Shame & Scandal (Greensleeves), Heavenless (Power House & Fashion), Revolution (Time 1) and Faith Can Move Mountains (Twinkle).

Continuous mix. 90 minutes.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Who Can Feel Must Hear - Roots Selections 2014

 Who Can Feel Must Hear Mixtape. Heavy roots selections 2014.

Starts with Iba Mahr's Glory Of The King on a wicked Channel One style rhythm (Royal Order) then a Bushman classic 'Knowledge' on the Trying To Conquer Me (Ruff Cut 2001). Island Life records come with yet another roots scorcher, the Who Can't Hear Must Feel, an update of Santic's  Problems/Lovers Mood with cuts by Richie Spice, Lutan Fyah, Everton Blender, Luciano, and the brilliant 'So Hard' by Adventurous. Killer dub version also. Ffrenchie's Imperial Crown (Maximum Sound) is a rootsdub style keyboard-driven rhythm featuring uplifting melodica from Addis Pablo and some conscious vocal cuts. King Tubbys Dub Plate Style (also Maximum Sound) is another updated classic, this time Striker Lee's Ali Baba. 'Trials & Tribulation' by Ras Demo is classic roots. Bury the barber...! Stingray bring back the Brentford Road vibes with Freddie McGregor for a fresh relick of the Bobby Babylon/Hi Fashion riddim. Another Studio One veteran Johnny Osbourne makes a welcome reappearance with reality tune 'Why' on the Way Back (Akom) alongside Lutan Fyah, Million Stylez and Lukie D. NYC band Morning Sun & The Essentials stay with the reality on Highrises (End Of Era). Hear the Love Agenda EP on their soundcloud page. Mykal Rose & Treson combine for Life On The Rocks (Pha Real). Good to hear Natural Black back on form on 'If You Did Know' for Jammys. Pressure, Tarrus & Junior Gong blaze it up on 'Mental Disturbance' taken from Busspipe's Africa Redemption LP for Yard Vibes.
 Continuous mix. 79 minutes.
(includes 2 promo songs by Likle Mystic)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

90s Roots Mixtape - Bawl Fire 1998

Bawl Fire 1998. Coxsone classic Drum Song revitalised by Bobby Digital. Crucial follow up to the Heathen & Kette Drum riddims that further cemented his position as the  premier roots producer of the day. Many great cuts, leading with classics from debutantes Morgan Heritage and Daweh Congo. Junior Reid goes back to his original Waterhouse style on Hugh Mundell's Time and Place. The original Studio One rhythm track is here also... Sizzla & Shabba Ranks increase the peace on the Black Woman & Child (Digital B). Gregory Isaacs sings reality over the Tempo on Kingston 14 (Universal Noiz), Anthony B & Everton Blender on the Tamlin's Baltimore (Star Trail). Morgan Heritage, LMS & Richie Spice stay with the reality on the Cherry Oh Baby (Shocking Vibes) while Beres & U-Roy combine for the mighty Putting Up Resistance (Tappa).
Continuous mix. 96 minutes. Repost...

90s Roots Mixtape - More Fire 1999

More Fire 1999. Reality mixtape. Always blazing.....
Features an all-star excursion on Bobby Digital's Solomon leading with the Carlton Livingstone & Shabba Ranks hit Don't Follow Rumours. The Messenger Luciano keeps it positive on A Little Bit A Everything (Kickin Records) and Xterminator's Till It Some More.  Two more large Star Trail riddims here; Holding Firm (Sizzla, Anthony B, Mykal Rose, Louie Culture) & the crucial Heavy Load. Excellent Delroy Wilson tribute Better Must Come by Spanner Banner, recorded after the legendary singer's passing in 1995. Glamma Kid mash them down on Mafia & Fluxy's Zion Gate with Confession. Plenty tuff Sizzla selection throughout...
Continuous mix. 79 minutes. Repost...

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Neva Run Away Mixtape 2014

Neva Run Away - New Roots 2014. Reggae eternal...
Evergreen rhythm track like the righteous Swell Headed. Old & new with cuts on the Studio 1 & Channel One versions. Leads with the original Burning Spear classic. Great Freddie McGregor cover from the early 80s also (on Spiderman). Chronixx vybes for the excellent World under Siege (Roots Tribulation) while U Roy & Kabaka hold the deejay corner. We revisit the rocking Swing Heavy-Swing Easy (Bizzarri/Iration) with cuts by Lutan Fyah, Lion D and Turbulence. Dubtonic Kru hold on still on the Tantrum (White Stone). Solid roots revival vibes for Bob Marley & The Wailer's Revolution riddim (Jahsolidrock & Cousins) and Glen Brown's No More Slaving (Island Life) featuring another great Jah Bouks tune - No Slave. Chronixx lights up the Cultivator (Royal Order), Digital B's Islamabad (the superb Iyah Walk) and teams up with Protoje for the roots-rock-reggae hit Who Knows (Overstand/Winta James). Essential roots-dancehall selection Going Home from Larger Than Life Records. Iba Mahr & Droop Lion blaze up on the Diseases Rebirth (Sajay). Wordsmith King Mas hits us with another lyrical tour-de-force, Reflection, more food for thought... Conscious UK selection from Dawna Lee's Rebel Souls LP for Mikey Simpson's MCS Records (2001). Winston Reedy's relick of his Cimarons hit Mother Earth (Mafia & Fluxy) is as relevant as ever. Haunting melodica melodies courtesy of Pablove Black and Addis Pablo...
Continuous mix. 79 minutes.
Xtra cuts on the Swell Headed - Star Trail and Fat Eyes here...

Friday, September 26, 2014

Live It Up - Nu Roots Mixtape 2014 - Featuring A Tribute To Bunny Rugs

Live It Up - Nu Roots Mixtape 2014. Celebrate life! More positive music come around this year and some rocking riddim like the Ba Ba Bum (Mr G Music), Muddy Road (Natural High), a remix of Tarrus Riley's Gimme Likkle One Drop on Burning Spear's Slavery Days (Chimney), a wicked, raw update of the Drum Song (Ghetto Youths Int.), Zion Train (Livity) and the mighty Rise Up (Oneness), including an original interpretation of Dubbing Is A Must by Sara Lugo and Skarra Muchi. Chronixx utilises a fine update of the Heavenless for Capture Land (Overstand). We also revisit Overstand's Rootsman riddim with Damian Marley's ruff Gunman World featuring Ini Kamoze, a natural progression from Jamrock. Capleton has made a real and very welcome return to form this year and features throughout. Several Buju B tunes also. Chronixx freestyles on the original I Love King Selassie (Prince Jammy).
A Tribute To Bunny Rugs. We were especially sad to hear about Bunny Rugs' passing early this year. While often straying far from the grassroots reggae scene musically Third World have raised Jamaican music up to a higher level and always brought an undiluted Message to the widest possible audience. True reggae ambassadors. Nothing compares to seeing them live on a big stage - just amazing! - and Bunny played a pivotal role in all that as well as continuing his solo work. He is gladly remembered. Third World lead the celebration with Livication To Bunny Rugs together with a relick of 96 Degrees taken from their great new album Under The Magic Sun - Preview it on Bandcamp - the story's still being told.... Capleton teams up with the band for the iley resonant Good Hearted People from 2010 and Lloyd Brown does a brilliant rendition of Prisoner In The Street (Cave). Mystikal Revolution and Tarrus team up with the man himself for the inspired Reggae Skanking while there's an excursion on the ragga infused Now That We Found Love from 1995 featuring Sean Paul & Papa San (Black Scorpio). TOK pay their respects with a brand new cut for Bombrush records. Nuff respect.
Continuous mix. 79 minutes.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Murderation - 90s Roots Mixtape

Murderation - Tuff Nu Roots Mixtape - 1990s. Includes conscious excursions on Sun Is Shining (Fat Eyes), Baltimore (Star Trail), Murderer - Hot Milk (Mad House, Jah Life & Jah Almighty), & deadly cuts on the Shank-I-Sheck (Jammys & Digital B).
 Continuous mix. 79 minutes. Repost...

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Jah Woosh Special - Chant Freedom Mixtape 1971-1981

Chant Freedom... Tribute to the late, great Jah Woosh, who passed away in 2011. 139 tracks of pure Wooshishness inna 12'' discomix style with vocal cuts, versions and King Tubby dubs. Backed by most of the 70s Jamaican rhythm sections and some from the UK, bands like The Morwells, The Aggrovators, The Revolutionaries, The Mighty Cloud Band, Skin, Flesh & Bones, Soul Syndicate, The Sunshot Band, Santic All-Stars, Rupie Edward's All-Stars and, later, The Roots Radics, Creation Rebel and On-U Sound's Singers & Players.

Jah Woosh made his name in the early 70s alongside contemporaries Big Youth, Jah Lloyd, I-Roy, Prince Jazzbo, Jah Stitch, Dillinger, Prince Hammer and Dr. Alimantado. Unlike most of these others he didn't use a trademark whoop or phrase that made him immediately recognisable and it takes a listen or two to ketch his style. He is perhaps best described as a CHANTER, with religious and spiritual selections his specialty (demonstrated on his frequent returns to Psalm 121). He is closest in style to Jah Lloyd (Jah Lion) and early Dr. Alimantado though at times sounds like U-Roy, Stitch or Jazzbo and adopts I-Roy's nursery rhyme delivery to good effect. He also tried his hand as a singer. Jah Woosh half retired from the music industry and repatriated to Ghana in the 1980s where he continued to control and re-issue his music on his Original label. He later resumed recording intermittently, doing occasional stageshows and soundsystems in the UK and Europe.

CD1 focuses more on the deejay's earlier output from 1971 into the mid-70s with some great productions from the likes of Rupie Edwards, Phil Pratt, Sidney Crooks, Keith Hudson, Bunny Lee, Leonard Chin, Dudley Swaby, Tappa Zukie, as well as the man's own releases after 1976. Also featuring Johnny Clarke, Horace Andy, Keith Hudson, The Morwells, King Tubby, Carl Malcolm, Junior Ross & The Spear, The Heptones, Bobby Kalphat, Keith Poppin, I-Roy, The Ethiopians, Creation Rebel, Errol Holt and Dino Perkins. Crucial riddim like Envious, Don't Think About Me, Miss Wire Waist, Irie Feelings, Party Time, Firestick, Letter To Mummy & Daddy, Fattie Bum Bum, Taxi, Buy You A Ring, Stalag,...
CD2 is mostly classic roots rockers from the mid-late 70s onwards. More self-productions, particularly with the Mighty Cloud Band and Creation Rebel on Woosh's Original, K&B, Yard International and September labels, as well as releases from Striker Lee, Santic, Lloyd Campbell, King Sounds, Yabby You, Junior English, Tappa Zukie, Pete Weston, Jah Shaka and Adrien Sherwood. Features: Horace Andy, King Sounds, Ras Ibuna, Yabby You & The Prophets, Reggae George, Junior Ross & The Spear, The Twinkle Brothers, Dubwise, Errol Holt, Bim Sherman, Johnny Clarke, King Tubby, Dillinger, Jah Stitch, Prince Alla, Sly & Robbie, Jah Shaka, Singers & Players, Creation Rebel and Sis Bee. Riddim like Drum Song, A Serious Thing, Top Ranking, Please Be True, Love Forever, Blood Ago Run, Leggo Violence, Black Wadada, Zion Gate, and so...Extended versions of Blood Ago Run, A Weh You Come From, Diverse Doctrine and the almighty Jah Is The Ruler Discomix
Continuous mix. Total 216 minutes. Repost...

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Augustus Pablo & The Rockers All-Stars - Hungry Town Uprising

 Augustus Pablo & The Rockers All-Stars - Hungry Town Uprising. Essential Rockers International mixtape comprising Augustus Pablo productions and collaborations (some rare) between 1974 and 1988. Fully extended cuts with dubs, versions and deejay cuts. Like Sugar Minott at Black Roots, Pablo nurtured young talent, notably Junior Reid, Hugh Mundell, Ricky Grant, Icho Candy, Earl 16, Yami Bolo & White Mice. His 'far east' sound also drew in many bigger name artists, particularly in the 1970's.More killer rhythms: Love Won't Come Easy, Girl Name Pat, Cassava Piece, Mr Bassie, Artibella, Who Say Jah No Dread, Rockabye Woman, Satta. and the glorious Arise & Shine by Hugh Mundell. More cuts on the False Rasta-Hungry Town Skank. Jacob Miller revisits his Keep On Knocking hit, this time on the Hypocrites alongside U-Brown. Killer Miller's supremely positive Each One Teach One features the deejay cut from Jah Levi (Hugh Mundell).
Continuous mix. 77 minutes.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Augustus Pablo all-Stars - Rockers International University Mix

The classic Japanese cassette mixtape, Rockers International University Mix... Pablo has always had a MASSIVE following there amongst JA-PAN SOUNDMEN & reggae fans. This career perspective spans the 1970's and 80's where singers like Jacob Miller, Hugh Mundell, Yami Bolo, Icho Candy, Ricky Grant, Horace Andy and Junior Delgado put in some of their greatest performances. Blend of hits and hard-to-find classics. Nuff King Tubby dubs & deejay cuts, discomix fashion. Soome mighty riddim like the El Rockers, King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown, Answer, Black Gun aka Keep On Knocking, Drum Song, Run Revolution A Come, False Rasta aka Hungry Town Skank and Away With Your Fussing & Fighting. They just keep on coming through the door....  Junior Delgado's crucial Raggamuffin Year and Yami Bolo's cut of Door Peep Shall Not Enter are exceptional as are Horace Andy's Youths Of Today and Earl Sixteen's Changing World. Can't Keep A Good Man Down by The Immortals is one of my favorite ever roots tunes
Continuous mix. 79 minutes.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lovers Rock Gems from the 70's & 80's - Part 1

Lovers Rock Gems from the 70's & 80's. Ripped from our collection of 7 and 12''s. Lovers rock hits and rarities in an extended 12'' discomix style.

Part one. Selections from the 70's into the early 80's. Features hits from Rudy Thomas (Key To The World on Hawkeye), Jean Adebambo, The Mighty Diamonds, Cool-Notes and T.T. Ross (Last Date & Piece Of My Heart). Hard to find classics from Delroy Melody (Yvonne), The SUS Band, T. T. Scott (Lovers Game - a real diamond), Donna Rhoden and Marlene Webber. Dobby Dobson covers Why Do Fools Fall In Love, interesting for an unnamed deejay appearance (sounds like Ranking Joe, anyone have any ideas??). That one's on the circle label. Superb 12'' cut of Winston Reedy's Daughter Of Zion. Two irie cuts on Gregory Isaacs My Only Lover riddim from 1981 by Ken Boothe and Cornell Campbell (Rockstone).
Continuous mix. 79 minutes.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lovers Rock Gems from the 70's & 80's - Part 2

Lovers Rock Gems from the 70's & 80's. More from our collection of 7 and 12'' vinyl rips. Lovers rock hits and rarities in a discomix style.

Part 2. Some well known classics from Dennis Brown, Tyrone Taylor and Trevor Hartley alongside a lot of harder to find tunes mainly from the late 70's into the early 80's. Featuring some slightly more obscure artists like Eugene Paul, Dudley Campbell, Bristol's Dan Ratchet and instrumentalist Tony Washington. The stunning duet When I Call Your Name is taken from Carlene Davis' excellent debut LP (1979??). Winsome & Nerious Joseph also team up for Rock With Me (Fine Style 1988). George Larnyoh & The Love Children's superb interpretation of Blue Moon dates from the early 70's.
Continuous mix. 79 minutes.

Lovers Rock Gems from the 70's & 80's - Part 3

Lovers Rock Gems from the 70's & 80's. More from our collection of 7 and 12'' vinyl rips. Lovers rock hits and rarities in a discomix style.

Part 3 is drawn mainly from the 1980's with some massive hits for Sugar Minott, Janet Kay, Peter Hunningale, John McLean, The Cool Notes, Matumbi, Gregory Isaacs & Maxi Priest. Irie selection on Fine Style/Fashion records from Michael Gordon. Trevor Hartley's memorable cover of Leroy Smart's Pride & Ambition (on Fu Manchu) exudes pure class while the Mighty Diamonds' Last Dance is a blues dance classic. Cynthia Schoss teams up with deejay U-Brown for Sad Movies.
Continuous mix. 79 minutes.